Why Does Your Cat Sit On You Lap? Here Are The 6 Reasons




Have you ever thought about, “Why do cats sit on you?” From basic wants to more obscure reasons,
like the fabric of your clothing, here’s the reason why.

So why do cats sit on people’s laps? Free time would not be the same thing for anyone without a cute sleepy cat on my lap.
Some of the greatest delights of having a pet cat are when they decide to lounge on me.
This bonding time is very beneficial for me, as it decreases my blood pressure and it satisfies some of my cat’s needs.
However not all felines nap on their owners, some decide to be lap kitties later in life.
Even though some cat breeds like the Ragdoll are famous for being cats that like laps, it still is up to the pet itself.

All cats are unique and it is up to the individual cat what they do.
Usually, felines look for a couple of elemental needs when they lounge on someone’s lap.
There are other points that count when cats sit on you, like the material of your clothes.

  1. You’re warm!

Cats, like anyone else like heat and warmth, and the human body, are usually warm.

2. They want a connection.

Cats get closer toward humans they like, and they crave connections with those people.
Sometimes cats want someone petting because owners usually stroke and pet the cat if its lap.
Petting imitates a mom’s grooming, which most felines yearn for.
Some also knead while they’re on a human’s lap. While doing this,
they’re simulating their young days when they’d do that action to their mothers to stimulate milk flow.

3. It makes them feel safe!

One of the simple answers is that some cats feel safer when they’re on their favorite person’s lap!

4. The smell is a factor that plays into it.

If you have a shirt that has your scent, your pet might like to rub their heads or sit on it.

5. Your clothes matter!

Some people might notice that their cats won’t sit on them when they are wearing certain materials, for example, a plastic raincoat.
The same goes for softer materials like cotton or velvet. Some cats just like to lounge on clothing made of those materials, as they just like to be warm and comfortable!

6. To show trust.

Cats really do have to have trust in you for them to sit on your lap.
I can’t stress enough the importance of not forcing a cat to sit on your lap when they don’t want to and to give them the choice to leave. When you give them that option and freedom of deciding whether to sit on your lap or not and leaving whenever they want, they put more trust in you.