Why Does My Cat Lick Hand?


Cats are very lovable animals which is why people enjoy training them. Everything about them is really fascinating. They always want to explore everything around them including humans. This makes them do some really strange things which you may be wondering such as licking hands and head.

There are people who don’t understand why cats lick their hands. In case you happen to be one of such person, ensure to read this post. This is because it will be showing you some of the reasons why your cat licks your hand.

For affection

This is one of the reasons why cats do lick the hands of humans. There is no need to panic whenever you discover that a cat is licking your hand. The reason is that she is feeling secured around you.

Your cat or kitten is only reinforcing her feelings. This is a sign that she is comfortable whenever hanging out with you. In order words, you are considered a member of the family.

Social bonding

This is a process whereby a cat wants to play with her owner or even other cats around. Through social bonding, your cat will feel even more relaxed which is one of the reasons why they usually lick the hands of their owners. They are naturally playful creatures that want to get a feel of everything around their environments. Whenever your cat licks your hand, there is the opportunity to even observe and know her better.

Cats have been discovered to be social groomers implying that they enjoy grooming their family members. In case you don’t feel comfortable about this, ensure to provide some toys that can serve as a distraction. This can reduce the rate at which she licks your hand.

Feelings of anxiety

It is important you understand the fact that there are times when your cat would want to lick your hands for some negative reasons. One of such is that she may be feeling stressed and experiencing anxiety. At such a point, she may assume that licking your hands can help to make her feel comfortable.

Whenever your cat licks your hand due to feelings of anxiety, she is only trying to feel more comfortable. Other materials that she can lick apart from your hand are fabrics or even plastic. It is important you observe her closely at this point as anxiety can bring about other health issues in the long run.

Feelings of being lonely

When your cat is feeling lonely, she will begin to lick your hands. There is no danger here as you only need to spend some time with her. It is only an indication that more bonding time is needed. Whenever she licks your hand as a way of indicating being lonely, you can pet her or get those favorite spots scratched.

You taste really good

This may sound unbelievable but it is the truth. If your cat feels you’re tasting good, she may want to lick your hand. This is most obvious when you have refused to give her some bites of whatever you may be eating.