Why Are House cats Getting Fatter? Here’s The Truth.

A chubby cat called Cinderblock on an inspiring mission to lose weight has become an internet darling,
but cats everywhere will most likely be joining her in the battle against the bulk.

“Yes, cats are gaining weight,” said Kären Marsden, owner of Edmonton Holistic Veterinary Clinic.
“They are, unfortunately, very, very well-fed”.

“We body score cats, from a 1 to 10. And most of the cats I see are around
eight we call it shrinking-head syndrome.”

Cinderblock, a beefy creature originally weighing in at 25 pounds, is on quite a public weight-loss journey.

The Washington DC cat was left to a veterinary hospital, due to bad mobility.
According to the vet, her ghastly obesity had an effect on her quality of life.


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