The Case of Excessive Meowing of Cats


So many cat owners go through the same problem- their cats meow a lot! Why do cats meow? The answer varies according to their mood and care provided to them. and today we going to look for the case of excessive meowing of cats.

You might have observed a lot of cat behavior changes before your cat starts throwing the ‘meow’ tantrum. This is usually because of the different feelings they experience, being cold, hungry or sick. Cats often meow to their mothers at young ages when they need something; but as they grow older, the meowing can change to growling to talk to their fellow cats. However, we cannot assume that all cats are facing the same issues. Cats’ behavior varies according to their breeds, and some might even love to talk to themselves. You have to know and understand your cat well enough to make a judgment and soothe their meowing.

Possible Reasons Why Your Cat Meows Excessively:

In case your furry pet is meowing a lot these days, you need to figure out the cat meow meaning so you can work out a solution for your cat’s problem. These problems may include:

1.      Your cat might be sick

The first step in reducing your cat’s meowing is to take them to a vet. The vet will carry out the necessary tests to figure out if your cat is facing an illness or is meowing from pain. Cats are much like us, they too have the tendency to develop thyroid or kidney problems while aging which is why a trip to the vet is important.

2.      Seeks your love and attention

Although cats might seem a little grumpy from the other pets, they are needy, and attention-seeking and do not prefer to be left alone. If you are not giving enough time to your pet, this might be a reason why your cat has been meowing a lot lately. But remember to give attention to them when quiet, and not when they growl so they know how to stay behaved. Spend quality time with your pet daily; after all, you have kept them as a pet and now, they are your responsibility.

3.      Your cat may be hungry

Cat healthcare is an important factor in their meowing tantrums. You might have noticed how cats meow when they are hungry and follow someone to a kitchen to get a bit of something. Many cats have the habit of meowing a little too much when they are hungry. To stop this, give them food when they have turned quiet. Treating them while the meow will cause a problem for you later as the cat will get used to it.

4.      It just might be missing you

Your cats meow when they need your attention, and this is because they miss you. Cats are just like another member of the family, they become excited when you come to the house and miss you when you leave. Too much meowing might mean that it is happy to see you.

5.      Might be feeling loneliness

Cat behavior problems include their moods and affect their meowing a lot. If you leave your pet alone for a major portion of your day, it might get a little too lonely and meow a lot. Try to leave it in a happy place with a bird feeder, toys or food. Get her yarns, and other cat toys to keep it entertained so that it does not feel lonely and meows lesser.

6.      Your cat might just be stressed

When it comes to stress, cats are quite similar to humans. Moving to a new place, breaking a toy, or illness can stress your cat out. Try to understand any changes around your cat and comfort your pet to help it adjust to the new changes. Sometimes this can be hard but giving it a lot of attention and spending time with them can help them to calm down and meow less.

7.      Cats who are growing old

Aging cats also suffer a lot of illnesses and mood swings, which can be any hormonal changes in them, and cognitive dysfunction, etc. They can meow all the time and cry at odd times without any reason and yowl especially at night. If you observe that your cat is facing any of these problems, try to take them to a vet and get medications for them.

8.      Breeding cats

Breeding cats have a specific meowing cat language that is difficult to understand. This can be a result of not neutering them, because of which they will experience growth changes and meow a lot. Try to get your pet cat spayed and neutered otherwise it will be a lot of trouble for you, as cats tend to breed a lot, and meow even more while experiencing it.


Things to Avoid when your Cat is Meowing a Little Too Much

Never Ignore Your Cat

Never ignore the behavioral changes in your cat. You would not want to ignore their behavior when they meow a lot because sometimes, cats’ meow on little reasons such as their toy got stuck somewhere, they cannot reach their litter bin, etc. Make sure to observe what your cat needs. Never leave them meowing if they meow too much, there is always a good way to help the cats with their problem.


Don’t Scold or Punish Your Cat for Meowing a lot

Punishing a cat for meowing is not a good idea. Shouting or spraying your cats away can either cause them stress or cause them to growl more. Your cat might even start to dislike you which can create problems for you.

Don’t Reward your Cat when It Meows over something it wants.

 Some cats trick you with meowing a lot to get what they want. If you don’t give them the thing, they will meow louder. Try to reward their good and quiet behavior instead of their meowing so that they know how to stay good.

So, if you have been wondering why your cat is meowing a lot recently, we hope this article helped you out. If you are unsure about anything, take your cat to a vet.