Signs To Tell If Your Cat Is In Labor- Guidance


pregnant cat

A cat’s pregnancy lasts for 64 to 67 days which is around roughly 9 weeks. But how would you be able to tell when or if your cat’s going into labor? Here’s a list of things that are clear indicators that labor is at hand!

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Mammary Glands’ Size Will Increase
During the last week of pregnancy, the mammary glands of your cat will be increasing in size.

Her mammary glands are ordered in two parallel rows running along the outside body wall that continues from the crotch area up to the underside of her chest. Cats generally have 4 pairs of these.
Around two days before your cat gives birth, she’ll begin to produce milk.

You may note some cream colored secretions leak out of her nipples. She might lick it off or just let it dry up and you’ll notice that her nipples will have small white-colored scabs on them. It’s a popular belief that each nipple has its own unique scent, which kittens use to attach themselves repeatedly to go to the same nipple.

Nesting Behaviour

Similar to us humans, your cat may start nesting attitude– You can make this time easier by putting the nesting box in a silent, warm room. Draft-free is also very important since kittens aren’t able to regulate their body temperature. Make sure that the area of the box is nowhere near to any other pets you may have, and children. Encourage your feline to spend their nights inside this box as soon as you realize any nesting behavior going on.

Fall In Temperature

Your felines normal temperature is between 37.7º to 39.1ºC (100º to 102.5ºF) – One to two days before giving birth, her temperature will drop to around 37.2ºC (99ºF). You can take her temperature in the armpit if she is fine with it

and lets you, but most of the time, there are enough signs that labor is soon that you won’t need to taking temperature.

Changes In Behaviour

Your cat will begin to show behavior changes. During the last week of the pregnancy, your cat might become antisocial reclusive or she might become extremely loving, which happens often if she has a close relationship with a specific carer.

Cat starts gaining weight. If your cat is actually preggers, expect her to a little more weight. She will most likely

put on about two to four pounds or one to two kilograms, in total, but that all depends on the weight of her babies.

Signs To Tell If Your Cat Is In Labor- Guidance

This is probably the strongest sign of pregnancy, but it can be hard to tell if your little fluffy is packing on pounds if she was overweight, to begin with.

Be certain that your cat is not putting on too much weight, but, that is not healthy for her and the litter.
Do not feed her too many table scraps and be sure that her cat food is healthy and nutritious and packed with vitamins and minerals. Some cat food brands offer special ingredients for pregnant cats.

Licking, Howling and Restlessness

You might realize your cat licking her genitalia repeatedly– There is a discharge from her vulva a few hours before birth starts. Your cat’s water will also break around this time. Right now is the time for pacing, howling, restlessness, and meowing from your cat!


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