Should cats wear collars?


It has been discovered that lots of cat owners are confused about whether to wear their kitten’s collars or not. The truth is that there are various factors that should actually influence such a decision. These could be your environment and the type of cat (outdoor or indoor). It is one topic that has generated lots of arguments amongst cat owners over the years.

In case you own a cat and would like to learn more about whether to wear her a collar or not, ensure to read this post. This is because it will be helping to highlight some of the pros and cons of such action. Discovering them will enable you to make a smart decision today.

Pros of wearing collars

Some of them will be listed below:

Easy identification

This is perhaps one of the major reasons why people ensure that their cats wear collars. Through them, cats can be easily identified. When your kitten is putting on a collar, it will look different amongst other kittens.

Furthermore, collars are especially useful when it comes to those kittens that require medical attention. This is because it will become much easier for you to separate them from the others that are healthy.

For security reasons

Kittens are naturally adventurous which means sometimes they want to explore the world around them. Your kitten may escape through an opening around the home while you aren’t around. If you have managed to make it wear a collar, there is every chance that it can be identified by neighbors.  This saves you the stress of racking your brains about where to find it. Also, don’t forget that they come with bells which ensure that you can easily locate their hiding spots.


It should be noted that there are cons that need to be considered before deciding to buy a collar for your kitten. Some of them are:

It may not be visible

This is especially obvious for long-haired kittens. In this case, the collar may not be visible as it ought to unless the fur gets trimmed. It implies that people will find it very difficult to identify your kitten which defeats the original purpose.

Even if you can identify your cat with such a collar, others may not. Ensure that the fur is trimmed regularly for it to become very visible to everyone.

It can be uncomfortable

This is obvious in the case of kittens that have furs that tend to grow quickly. In such a case, it will make them feel uncomfortable and they can even struggle to breathe easily. Collars like these will make them hurt themselves accidentally since they will want to take it off.

This is one problem that can limit your cat around the home as she will become less active. The best way to go around it is to ensure that you have gotten a collar that she can wear perfectly. This will make her feel very comfortable.


Based on the above facts about collars, it is very obvious that they have got pros and cons which should be considered greatly.