One-Eyed Rescue Kitten With 4 Ears Find His Forever Home


Meet Frankie, He was born with 4 ears in a suburban home along with his sibling and his feral mother. there was only one living sibling found, however, there could have been others that didn’t survive.here is the story one-eyed rescue kitten with 4 ears find his forever home


The owners of the house took the two cats in for several weeks to get them to be more social and fatten them up a bit, before taking them to a shelter.

Obviously, his multiple ears are the first thing people notice but Frankie also has a huge overbite which gave his face a prominent angular look. When he first showed up at the shelter he had normal two eyes,
but unfortunately, one of his eyes had ruptured and was removed.
He also has issues in his back legs because his knees are unable to sit properly.

This makes him walk a bit out of place as his knees often slide out of their place.
Due to the overbite, his bottom canines were piercing the top of his mouth.
Frankie also needed an operation on his knees to stabilize the joints however it is quite expensive.
He also has had some dental work done to incise his bottom canines to only a couple mm above his gum line.
The removal of his eye allowed him to live as the infection spread and would have become serious and killed him.

He was fostered and was loved for his sweet demeanor, the way he explored everything around him and how lovely-natured he was.

The physical part of his condition has quite an impact on Frankie’s everyday life.
The 2 extra front ears slightly affect his hearing, as they are almost like earmuffs to his normal ears.
He has however adjusted well to living with one eye, but his night sight is not as good as most other cats.
He does walk splay-legged because of his legs but they don’t cause pain or affects moves and plays. Frankie’s mouth is probably the biggest physical factor — he finds it difficult to eat wet meals because he is unable to get a steady grasp on it.
He has a dry food diet and has mastered to pick kibble using his tongue and take it to his mouth that way, instead of using his teeth.

An average day for Frankie is choosing different places to roll up and sleep, ambushing his owner every morning while they make breakfast
He enjoys to try and climb up people’s legs and then jumps off like a maniac, playing with his brother Lucius Malfoy.

He has a very cheeky personality but manages to not get in trouble with it because he is very sweet. He is also not very intelligent which has been a
recurring trait in other felines with 4 ears. Frankie is living evidence that beauty lies on the inside. He has a beautiful relationship with people and is living up to his potential.