Keep Your Cat Indoors – Here Why.



At least one common argument among cat owners is now over: Alfie, Felix, and Tigger are definitely better off staying indoors, researchers say. Find out more about why you should Keep Your Cat Indoors – Here Why.

Felines allowed outdoors are said to be nearly three times at more risk to be infected by pathogens
and/ or parasites than cats who stay at home they wrote in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters.
Two-legged house-mates also should our cats—a.k.a. Felis catus—can pass on some of those diseases
to people, the authors said.

Interestingly, the farther domesticated cats are from the equator, the more likely they are to be infected
by some sort of bug or virus, if they spend their days outdoors.

In order to settle the indoor-vs-outdoor argument, researchers and colleagues went through just about twenty-four earlier studies in which the predominance of one or more diseases was compared across indoor and out environments. In the end, the new study aimed attention on 19 different cat pathogens in more
than twelve countries including Spain, Canada, Australia and Brazil

‘Keep your cat inside’


The effects were actually almost the same for almost all of the diseases, including feline roundworm and the single-cell
the parasite which causes toxoplasmosis, both of which can be transmitted to humans. This held true regardless of how they were passed on—whether from the soil, other cats, or other prey like mice.

This is especially excellent advice, she went on to say, “considering that many of the pathogens felines carry can actually be
passes on to humans”. Other domesticated animals can transmit pathogens and parasites to their caretakers—dogs, for example, spread rabies.

Wild cats were most likely first drawn to human communities in search of prey and were domesticated in upwards of 5,000
years ago. In ancient Egypt, they were identified with the gods and prominently shown in hieroglyphics.

There are about 90 million pet cats currently in the US and an estimated 500 million around the world.