How to Pet a Cat?

Taming a cat sounds easy but in fact, it is not because if you do it incorrectly, you would have to bear the consequences in the form of bruises.

Normally, cats are misunderstood as private animals with a powerful sense of the terrain, but actually, it is a social animal that develops close relations with humans and different types of animals, such as dogs, parrots, and others.

Cats are social-able and friendly and make groups and colonies with their fellow cats. They show their love physically either by rubbing their bodies or bunting head.

However, they also like being patted by their parents/owners. You can make your time pleasant with your cat by considering the following points:

Give her space by letting her spend some time alone

There is a general misconception about cats that they like being loved all the time, but in actuality, it is not so because they also want to enjoy their personal time. So, you should not cuddle or pat them when they are sitting alone

Understand what your cat wants through her body language

Meowing cat doesn’t necessarily mean she wants you to love her, but this can either be for food or any other request. However, if she rubs against you, then she wants you to love or pat her.

Pat the cat when she likes to be patted

Do not pat the unfamiliar cat; however, if you want to then first raise your index figure and let her come close to you. If she starts sniffing your figure and rubs herself against your figure then you can pat her.

Never go close to her face unless you get signals from her because it can be risky as animals are unpredictable no matter they are pet or not. You should also know which body parts your cat likes to be patted.

You can pat her at almost every place but avoid patting the cat’s stomach because it will make her react defensively. So, in this way, her claws or teeth can hurt you.

In addition to this, one of the points you should always remember that pat her very gently and tenderly.

Do not extend patting or loving?

You should know the tolerance level of your cat because when you go beyond her limit, then she may get irritated.

There are few signs through which you can understand the tolerance level of your cat, such as rippling of the skin, lowering her head, meowing in low tones, and thrashing her tail

Do not irritate her and make her aggressive?

One thing you should never forget or do is to avoid doing all those things or giving a gesture, which makes her aggressive. As animals cannot understand language as a human does so the only way to communicate is gestures and actions.

You should remember all those actions which irritate your cat and do not repeat them again.

In short, cats are beautiful, lovable, and social pets, and by following points above, you can pet a cat by building up a strong relationship with them.