How Do Cats Respond to Earthquakes?


There have been lots of arguments in recent times amongst cat owners on the topic of cats being able to predict earthquakes. This is one subject that will always generate lots of controversies around the world. Most people believe that cats have the ability to predict earthquakes prior to their occurrences. Can this really be true or some stories that have been made up to get both potential and existing cat owners excited?

In case you want to know more about cats and earthquakes, there is no doubt that you’ve come to the right place. This is because the major aim of this post is to help you understand whether cats can actually respond to earthquakes or not. Just ensure to read every detail from start to finish in order to get a much better understanding of how cats predict earthquakes in any environment that they tend to find themselves.

Can cats predict earthquakes?

Although this may sound hard to believe, the truth is that cats can predict earthquakes. As explained by SSA which is an acronym for the Seismological Society of America, cats are very sensitive when it comes to seismic waves. There are static changes that usually take place prior to the occurrence of an earthquake. Although humans are sensitive to these changes, cats have also been discovered to have such feelings.

There is also another theory that tries to explain the fact that small vibrations that occur in the earth are perceived by cats before earthquakes actually take place. Cats have been discovered to be naturally sensitive to movements that are very small to even humans. Their paw pads have made this to be possible. According to experts around the world, this is one of the most common reasons why cats predict earthquakes.

Can this be proven scientifically?

Just as stated above, SSA has carried out a series of research studies in relation to discovering more facts about earthquakes. In other words, they were aimed at discovering the rate at which animals are sensitive to earthquakes. About 729 reports were studied to find out what is responsible for the abnormal behavior of animals during the occurrences of earthquakes.

Simply put, the aim was to find out the relationship which exists between the behavior of animals and earthquakes. Some factors that were looked at are the earthquake’s magnitude and distance of the animals from it. Although the findings weren’t 100% conclusive, it was revealed that animals (including cats) are sensitive when it comes to seismic waves.

What are their reactions prior to the earthquake?

Given the fact that you’ve known that cats predict earthquakes, there is no doubt that you would want to know more about how they do react before the occurrence of earthquakes. Some of these will be listed below:

Sudden agitation

Have you seen your cat jumping up around the place? You may even be wondering why she is agitating suddenly even when it looks like all of her needs have been met. Although you may not understand the message she is trying to pass across, there is every chance that an earthquake is about to happen.

Suddenly looking for cover

This is usually prompted by the fear of not wanting to be harmed when such an earthquake finally takes place. When your cat begins to sense some seismic waves around, she will start looking for the safest place to take cover. At such a point, she wants to take cover in a place that is very stable.

Dilated pupils

This is a sign to show that your cat is actually responding to the earthquake. Dilated pupils will make your cat put up this mysterious look that you can’t even explain.


This is another way that your cat can predict the occurrence of an earthquake. In such an instance, she will start to tremble and even show signs of anxiety. It can have some long term health implications on her when not addressed in a timely way. 

Please note that although the above has been discovered to be ways through which cats predict earthquakes, other factors can also make your cat behave in such ways.


Based on the above, it can be seen that cats predict earthquakes in lots of ways. You just need to be alert in order to understand them very well.