Cat Thrown From Bridge Lands Forever Home


There are some people who commit brutality without concern, however, others act only in goodness as a cat in Connecticut found out.
Thanks to animal services workers, a little boy and a couple with space for love in their heart,
this poor ginger cat found himself rescued from an uncertain fate.
According to Bridgeport, Connecticut Animal Control, an anonymous 10-year old boy confirmed to be one of the kind souls,
reporting a terrifying act of animal cruelty to the police. The boy saw a man throwing an odd box over the side of a bridge.
The box dropped into the Pequonnock River below the bridge and distressed, frantic meowing was heard.

Hearing the cry of help, the boy ran to the edge of the water. He saved the cat from inside the box, which was entirely taped up and tied in a rubbish bag. With the cat still alive and in safe hands, the boy pinned down a passing police officer.
Into the Care of Trained Professionals
After the rescue, the fearful cat passed into the care of Bridgeport, Connecticut Animal Control.

workers stated, “the cat appears to be fine just a bit nervous at the moment.”

Images of the charming ginger cat amassed many comments and attention on social media.
Well-wishes praises for the young hero and questions over the feline’s adoption status saturated the comments section of the Animal
Control’s Facebook post. There was a high demand for the ginger cat because of his high-profile recover.
Because of the traumatic nature of the cat’s ordeal, Animal Control staff decided the little kitten needed a bit more time of recovery before looking for a new home.

A split of the Bridgeport Police Department, the Animal Control department seeks “to do better for our animals,”
supporting them find loving homes or to reunite with their missing families. As Bridgeport brags the highest population in Connecticut,
Animal Control handles a large number of cases every year. Staff and volunteers help with the placing of over 1500 animals per year.

Once Thrown Out, Now Loved
The rescued kitten quickly earned the nickname ‘Ginger’ because of his charming, gingery good looks.
Only a couple of days after his miraculous rescue, Ginger was on the adoption list.
The handsome cat matched up with his new family in a flash.
Despite the fact Ginger went though a heartless act of brutality, in the end, the ginger cat found kindness because of a young rescuer,
Bridgeport, Connecticut Animal Control, and his new mom and dad. Ginger will now spend the rest of his eight lives in the arms of kindness, love, and tenderness.