Cat Owner Warns Of Unseen Danger Of Mesh Laundry Baskets



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When you keep a household, it’s clear that you will have laundry to do. Many of us dislike this household chore,
but it’s a task that must be done time and time again as the loads pile up. Read more about Cat Owner Warns Of Unseen Danger Of Mesh Laundry Baskets

I know that for a lot of us, we have those
old plastic baskets for laundry that take up lots of space. I, myself have at least three, as well
as four pop-up mesh laundry ones. They’re easier to move around and make for fewer elbows hitting the walls as you
move around from room to room. But I can confidently say that those have gone straight in the bin since I heard Indi’s story…

When it comes to mesh laundry baskets, they are often found in homes everywhere as they’re a very common and easy
choice. Many kitties love to lay on warm soft clothes. And they also have a fascination with laundry baskets just like they do with cardboard boxes.

But did you know that in a matter of a few moments, these ordinary looking laundry baskets can send your buddy to an early grave?
One cat owner reached out to us to share her horror story which thankfully had a happy ending. But should she had
not been home and acted at the right time, she’s may not have been able to say the same…

Everyone knows that cats are naturally curious tiny beings. And this is especially true in the case of cute playful kittens. Anne and
her husband presently have four healthy kittens in their care. While they at home and the kittens were playing around,
Anne heard a quiet little thud coming from the laundry room.

Normally she wouldn’t think anything of it, but something in her mind told her to go check and see what the little commotion
was about. Anne knows kittens are always getting into mischief, so she thought it best to go and assess the little situation.

source: Patrick Hoesly Via Flickr

She was grateful that she went with her instincts, because immediately upon walking into her laundry room she was sent into a panic.
One of the boy kittens named Indi had somehow managed to get a handle from the popup laundry basket twisted around his neck.
Acting quickly, Anne screamed to her husband who was in the other room in “blind sheer panic.” Her husband shot up and ran to
help the poor kitten whose neck was so tightly wound Anne could not even get one finger underneath the loop.
Indi was fighting for his life as it was clear he was unable to breathe, his body going limp. Her husband tried ripping it off with his
bare hands while Anne raced to the kitchen to fetch the scissors.

Anne says, “It was touch and go but my husband finally cut Indi free.”
Poor Indi was immediately rushed into the veterinarian’s office. He was having difficulty breathing and his throat suffered injuries.
Anne and her husband were both noticeably upset upon arrival but equally relieved that their kitten made it through the terrifying ordeal.

For many pet owners, we often do not realize the many hidden dangers sitting in plain sight in our homes.
In the case of Indi, his fate would have been much different should his cat mom and dad not have been home. Let this be a warning
for all cat owners to throw away such types of baskets in your homes. Pediatricians have also warned of
their dangers for parents of young children.

We can never be too safe when it comes to our feline friends. Share this with other cat owners that you know to prevent tragic accidents from happening. And a special thank you to Anne for sharing her story so that others can be safe. These laundry baskets are certainly
“a household item that appears innocent turned into a death trap.”