Cat Biting – Why It Happens and How to Stop It!

If you are a cat owner, you must be familiar with the topic of Cats Biting. Sometimes these bites can be gentle or even cause injuries in their owners when aggressive. When they are aggressive, it has been advised that you shouldn’t take such bites lightly since their injuries can become serious with time.

There is no doubt that this issue is one that is beginning to bother you. There is only one place to learn about cat bites which are here. This post will be revealing lots of facts about Cats Biting. These will range from why your cat bites to how such behavior can be stopped using some of the simplest and most effective techniques.

1 – Health problems

This is one of the most obvious reasons why a cat that hasn’t bitten someone in the past starts biting all of a sudden. It is possible that she is having one health challenge or the other. According to experts, they will bite when they aren’t comfortable or want to communicate with their owners but don’t understand the ideal way of doing such.

There are health conditions that can make a cat begin to bite people around. These are hyperesthesia syndrome, constipation, arthritis, and dental problems. Also, if your cat is feeling pains around her body, she is likely to bite whenever such areas are touched. She is only trying to stop you from touching such an area.

2 – Aggressive play

Cat Play Biting is one that most feline owners have experienced in one way or the other. Your cat can sometimes assume that playing is a way of getting her trained for fighting and hunting. For both cases, they will be trying to develop their survival instincts which will lead to unnecessary biting.

Cat Play Biting can sometimes be very serious thereby bringing about injuries and possible infections in victims. This is perhaps why it shouldn’t be encouraged by cat owners.

3 – Offense and defense

Just as explained above, cats have got this natural instinct to survive around environments that they may find themselves. Therefore, if they discover that anything or someone is proving to be a threat to their existence, they can start biting.

Cat biting in this instance will happen as a result of fear. This form of biting is very different as compared to Cat Play Biting as it can be very serious. Victims are usually those the cat isn’t familiar with. If you observe the body language of a cat very well, you will clearly understand when it is getting scared.

It could also be that they are trying to defend their territories since they always want to survive. This can lead to biting even their owners.

4 – When you’re trespassing

This is another common reason why cats bite even their owners. If you like petting your feline, it will be better to understand those parts of her body that she doesn’t want you to touch. Also, know when she is signaling that you’ve reached your limits. At that point, she can bite you in an aggressive way which can bring about an injury. In a nutshell, don’t overstimulate your cat.

5 – Love bites

These forms of Cat Biting can be very gentle. They are usually followed by such a cat licking your body. This form of a bite is only a sign of affection from your cat so there is nothing to panic about it.

How to stop cat bites 

Although cat biting remains an issue, it can be controlled and reduced. Just follow the tips below and you will be fine.

1 – Vet professional

If your cat has any health problem as explained above, ensure that she is taken to the vet before things get out of hand. This will help to ensure that such a health challenge is diagnosed and treated immediately.

2 – Use of toys

These can help to make them develop their survival instinct over a given period of time. If you are being bitten by your cat while playing with her, use toys instead.

3 – Stop the playing

If you notice that such a cat is beginning to become overexcited, stop playing with her for now. This will make her not to bite due to overstimulation.