Are these Facts About Cats True?

Some people think that cats aren’t as expressive as dogs, especially when it comes to letting their owners know how they feel.
But the truth is that cats feel just as much affection for as their canine counterparts

  • Cats massage things: There are many theories about why cats knead their paws into you and other things/people around your home.
    Researchers can agree that they’re most probably trying to return the affection you’re giving them.
    Some research suggests that when they do this, they are actually trying to teach you how to catch your own prey.
    But that’s not something you should take as a compliment—cats only do this because they believe you’re bad at hunting!
  • Cats rub against you with their heads: When cats rub themselves against you, they’re actually just marking you as something of their own
    using the concentrated scent glands that they have in their cheeks and on their heads.
    Many cat experts believe they do this as a way to let other cats know they own you.
    So if you’re noticing other cats steering clear of you whenever you’re around them, you now know why. Paws off!
  • Cats stare blankly at people without blinking: A cat’s endless stare can be a little bit intimidating at times but don’t fret.
    First of all, they’re actually not really just staring. Cats’ eyes have evolved to blink less frequently than humans.
    It’s also said that a steady, soft gaze from your cat means that they simply feel safe, calm and comfortable around you.
  • Cats roll over onto their tummies: Like most other animals, cats are not fans of feeling vulnerable.
    So if they roll over and show their belly to you, it’s a sign that they trust you. This clearly means that your cat thinks highly of you.
    When your cat rolls over on its belly it can also mean they feel protected and safe. Since presenting their bellies suggests vulnerability,
    that means they’re simply telling you they trust you enough to protect them from any harm
  • Cats lift and curl the tips of their tails: Cat experts have found that the positioning of your cat’s tail is a strong sign of their overall mood.
    The higher the tail is, the more content and happy they are. When cats feel particularly affectionate, they can also wrap their tails around their owners.
    So the next time that happens to you, don’t; they’re not trying to wrestle you to the floor. They just say ‘I love you’
  • Cats nip on your fingers or clothes: You may realize that cats nibble on you all the time, but it’s not an aggressive gesture.
    In fact, mother cats do the same thing when they’re grooming their children.
    Unfortunately, like most other signs of love from your cat, they don’t realize what they’re doing could hurt you.
    It might be a bit painful—their teeth can be really sharp!