Are Cat Lovers More Intelligent Than Dog Lovers?



Having a pet can be one of the best things you can do for your mental and physical health. After all, they are there for you when you come home from work, exhausted from a busy day. They are there for you when you’re upset and feel unable to face the day. All you need to do is open the door to your home, and all those bad moods fade away. again we going to find out whether are cat lovers more intelligent than dog lovers? or not.

All you feel is the love and joy your pet brings to you!

Most people don’t give animals a lot of credit, but they are very intelligent creatures. They can be your very best friends in love and, if you have more than one pet, it’s not uncommon for them to care about each other as well as you.

Now, what does it mean about who are you when you own a pet? Most people don’t give that much thought, but you may be surprised to learn that researchers have revealed that feline pet owners are often brilliant individuals.

Most people choose a cat or dog for their pet, but how do you decide which type of animal you get? Do you let them choose you? Most people know the answer to these questions, but for some people, there is no answer, and they opt for both a dog and a cat.

However, researcher Denise Guastello conducted a study that laid out the difference between cat and dog lovers. And, Steve McKeown, a psychoanalyst that founded both the McGeown Clinic and MindFixers organization, said the study involved 600 students and revealed that dog lovers were extroverts and sociable while feline lovers were open-minded and sensitive.

Another thing is revealed: cat owners were also considered more neurotic.

McKeown said cat lovers have to stand up for what they believe in, meaning they are very independent individuals. The survey noted people who like cats are highly educated and intelligent.  McKeown said the chances of them finishing a university study is often higher than people who don’t like cats.

One of the interesting points of the study is that cats don’t need as much attention as dogs because they’re very independent creatures. Perhaps this is the reason cat owners have the time to spend on other things – working and studying.

What To Remember…

Does this apply to a person that loves both cats and dogs? The study doesn’t go into this, but maybe it’s a revelation that you can be both smart and friendly.  

Should you put a lot of stock in the study? Of course not! But, it’s certainly interesting to see and a bit of useless information for all animal lovers.