After 7 Years Of Being Missing, A Cat Was Emotionally Reunited With His Owner

Let’s say if your cherished, dear pet goes missing. Your beloved buddy is nowhere to be seen and you don’t know how to find him.
You’re feeling grief-stricken and utterly devastated without them, however, you can only move on.
7 years later, suddenly and out of nowhere, your treasured cat returns!

Well, that’s precisely Robert’s story.

His loved tabby feline, Chebon disappeared just as Robert was planning to move to Ohio.
Heartbroken, Robert put the big move on hold to look for Chebon for a whole year, but in vain.

Eventually, after doing all in his power to look for his cat, he realized he would never see him again.

After he lost all hope and faith of ever finding his loved best friend, one day, 7 long years later, Robert received
a random phone call from a stranger telling him that is dear, beloved pet cat was found and safe, longing to see him again!

“I remember at this one point in time I was praying and I said, ‘God, I’ll just about do anything to get Chebon back again'”,
Robert stated in a video shared on Ventura County Animal Services.
But his adorable Chebon appeared to have been lost for eternity.

Only until 7 years later a random woman noticed a lost cat who looked unwell and poorly, so she decided to take it to the vet.

Thankfully the cat was microchipped and was very quickly able to be distinguished as Chebon. That’s when Robert received a very surprising phone call.
I was scared it was some kind of mistake,” He said. After long thought, he chose to take a plane to LA to see if it was really Chebon right away.

The very moment Robert laid eyes on the cat, he knew immediately that it was his Chebon and burst into tears.
Finally, after 7 years, they were back together!