6 Human Foods Your cat Can Eat.

6 Human Foods Your cat Can Eat.

It’s safe to say sharing is caring, yes? And our cat buddies are the best to share with! As we know, cats have a specific taste for meat as their obligate carnivores–i.e. eating meat is needed for survival. However, there are some human eaten foods you can share with your cat. And what’s more?
You can find these simple products in your pantry or fridge! Talk about assessability! Here are the 6 Human Foods Your cat Can Eat.

1. Salmon
 Right, so this you’re definitely going to find in your refrigerator, not the pantry. This yummy fish is stuffed with healthy Omegas and minerals that will fuel your body–and your cat’s, too! Just be sure to remember to only give your cat cooked salmon, not raw.

2. Spinach
This leafy green goodness isn’t just for Popeye friends! Your kitty can have some spinach in minimal amounts as it will supply them with a wonderful source of Vitamins A, C, K, iron, and calcium. However if your cat has suffered from calcium oxalate bladder stones, make sure to avoid giving them spinach

3. Chicken
This tempting meatiness is sure to please your feline’s meat tooth! When preparing this for them especially, make sure to go easy on the spices as this could mess up their delicate digestive tract.4. Bananas
This super healthy and tasty treat is jam-packed with potassium and super easy to serve to your furry friend. Just peel it and share it with your cat–meow! Also, the soft texture of the fruit is great for older cats that may have dental issues

5. Eggs
This product for your cute kitty is a great source of protein, iron and other important minerals. Just scramble them up in a pan and give your pet the special treat. Notice: do not serve your raw eggs to your cat as this puts them at high risk for salmonella and/or E. coli.

6. Cucumbers
Forget that years old cucumber challenge that yet still makes my cat shook, cucumbers when served in nice, neat slices can actually be a nice treat for your cat. Cucumbers hold an ample amount of water, so they do wonders to hydrate them–especially on a hot day! Word of advice: serve your cat only 1-2 slices because of the water content.

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