5 Facts About The Oriental Shorthair You Didn’t Know



With perked up, bat-like ears and muscular, lean bodies, these striking cats are unique in appearance. For many who are not familiar with this awesome breed, the Oriental Shorthair is a hot topic among many cat lovers. Read on to find out about these 5 Facts About The Oriental Shorthair You Didn’t Know

1. They Are Hypoallergenic


Source: Lil Shepherd Via Flickr
While no possible cat is ever going to be 100% allergy-free to humans, the Oriental Shorthair is said to trigger almost little to no allergies for those who are allergic. Fun fact: An Oriental Shorthair can become jealous and possibly even territorial with their companion. (See more hypoallergenic cat breeds)

2. They Are The Most Intelligent Breed Of Cat

It may be difficult to choose which breed is head of the class due to stipulations in each cat breed, but many say that the Oriental Shorthair is among the smartest (if not the smartest) of all cats. These clever cats enjoy interaction, playtime, stimulation, and are inquisitive by nature.


Source: Lil Shepherd Via Flickr.

3. They Have More Colors And Patterns Then You Think
These colorful cats come in every pattern and hues you could possibly imagine, about 300 combos to be exact. Some have stripes, others are solid, but all Orientals have the same angular face, big expressive eyes, tall perked up ears, and lean lengthy bodies. Despite the strange colors, there is no mistaking an Oriental for any other breed due to their distinctive appearance.

4. They Are Born Entertainers

These cats are very vocal, and love to be the center of attention. The Oriental is a great cat choice for a family that will give their pet loads of love and attention as this is a true requirement of the breed. Orientals do not do well in environments where they are alone, as they crave attention and can even become upset and gloomy like the Siamese which they share bloodlines with.

5. They Are Very Talkative


For anyone that owns an Oriental Shorthair, they will know that these cats have no trouble conversing and grabbing your undivided attention. If you are looking for a cat that loves to be near you, keeps you guessing, and is devoted to being your loyal companion, then the Oriental Shorthair is for you.